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Title: Section 702.4 - Infection control and reporting

702.4 Infection control and reporting. Medical facilities shall:

(a) Establish an infection control committee, composed of representative staff, which shall be responsible for establishing policies and procedures for investigating, controlling and preventing infections in the facility. The policies and procedures shall include those for the isolation of patients with communicable or infectious diseases or patients suspected of having such diseases, for training all personnel rendering care to such patients in the employment of standard infection control techniques, and for obtaining periodic reports of nosocomial infections. Nosocomial infections shall include an in creased incidence or outbreak of disease due to biological, chemical or radioactive agents or their toxic products occurring in patients or persons working in the hospital. The committee shall establish methods to ensure that policies and procedures are executed and the infection control program is effective.

(b) Assure that written effective procedures is aseptic and isolation techniques are followed by all personnel. Procedures are to be reviewed annually and revised if appropriate for effectiveness and improvement.

(c) Report immediately to the regional health director or associate commissioner for New York City affairs the presence of nosocomial infections.

(d) Report immediately to the city, county, or district health officer the presence of any communicable disease as defined in section 2.1 of this Title (State Sanitary Code).


VOLUME D (Title 10)