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Title: Section 702.5 - Linen and laundry

702.5 Linen and laundry. The governing authority or operator shall:

(a) Provide a sufficient quantity of clean linen to meet the requirements of patients and residents; nursing homes and health-related facilities shall maintain a linen inventory equal to at least three times the average daily census and of this one-third shall be in use, one-third in laundry and one-third in reserve.

(b) Maintain linen in proper condition for use, free from rips and tears.

(c) Provide for satisfactory laundering of linens and other washable fabrics.

(d) Handle, store and process laundry in a manner that will prevent the spread of infection and assure the maintenance of clean linen.

(e) Wash all linen, including blankets, between patient use.

(f) Bag or enclose all used linen in suitable containers within the patient care unit for transportation to the laundry.

(g) Separately bag or enclose used linens from isolation rooms, infectious patients and the pathology department in readily identifiable containers distinguishable from other laundry.

(h) Properly maintain space and equipment for laundry storage and transportation.

(i) Launder only in areas and with equipment properly maintained and approved for such purpose by the department.

(j) Launder in a manner designed to prevent contamination of clean linen and to prevent infection.

(k) Transport clean linen in clean covered containers used exclusively for the purpose, and store clean linen in clean storage areas in a manner to prevent its contamination.


VOLUME D (Title 10)