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Title: Section 703.3 - Medical service plan

703.3 Medical service plan. Facilities providing ambulatory services shall submit to the department a plan governing the provision of medical services to patients, which has been approved by the governing authority and the medical staff, including, as a minimum, the following:

(a) a comprehensive medical evaluation for such patients on a periodic basis indicating the method of selection of patients for annual or other periodic examination;

(b) continuity of care when such patients require hospitalization, home care or emergency care when such services in the facility are not available;

(c) the method of scheduling patient visits to physicians with general scheduling of not more than five patients per hour with an allowance of at least 30 minutes for the first complete patient workup;

(d) where a specific provision of the plan required cannot be implemented immediately, a plan of implementation shall be included, with the anticipated time limit for achieving each phase of the objective specified; and

(e) where it is deemed necessary that any provision of the plan required should be waived indefinitely because of practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships in complying therewith, where such waiver is in the community interest and does not adversely affect the protection of the health of the patient, a request for such waiver and the reasons therefor.


VOLUME D (Title 10)