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Title: Section 703.5 - Multiphasic health screening facilities

703.5 Multiphasic health screening facilities. (a) The requirements of section 703.3 of this Part with respect to submission of a medical service plan shall not apply to a multiphasic health screening facility.

(b) A multiphasic health screening facility shall have an affiliation with a backup medical facility. The affiliation agreement between a screening and a backup facility shall be in writing and the responsibilities of these facilities shall be clearly stated.

(c) Mobile health screening units shall be either an extension of an established and certified medical facility or have an affiliation with a certified facility or an organized medical facility acceptable to the commissioner.

(d) The geographic area to be served shall be designated.

(e) Services provided shall be under the supervision of a currently licensed physician.

(f) Services shall be provided only to persons referred by a practicing physician, except in a case where the screening facility is under the auspices of a general hospital or an independent out-of-hospital health facility which has been certified by the department, a public health agency, or a health insurance group or plan approved by the Superintendent of Insurance.

(g) The components of any battery of tests to be performed shall be tailored to the population to be screened and each proposed screening facility shall present justifications for the tests offered.

(h) All findings of screening tests performed shall be provided in writing to the referring physician or agency making the referral.


VOLUME D (Title 10)