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Title: Section 705.6 - Review criteria

705.6 Review criteria. The technical advisory groups in reviewing applications and making recommendations, and the commissioner in making his determinations. shall consider pertinent factors including, but not limited to, the following:

(a) the extent to which an applicant's proposal meets the goals of the demonstration as set by the commissioner;

(b) the adequacy of the methodology proposed for the demonstration;

(c) the ability of the proposed demonstration to collect data required for an analysis of the project;

(d) the adequacy and appropriateness of the plan for organizing and carrying out the project;

(e) the technical qualifications of the principal investigator and the proposed project staff;

(f) the reasonableness of the proposed budget in relation to the proposed project;

(g) the adequacy of the facility and resources available to the applicant;

(h) where an application involves activities which could have an adverse health effect upon individuals participating in the demonstration, the adequacy of the proposed means for protecting against or minimizing such effects;

(i) the relevance and status of any approvals required by the Federal Food and Drug Administration for the subject of the demonstration project; and

(j) the number of applications to be approved.


VOLUME D (Title 10)