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Title: Section 705.9 - Review of demonstration project data

705.9 Review of demonstration project data. The commissioner and the technical advisory groups shall review and analyze the reports and data submitted with respect to the demonstration projects and evaluate the medical efficacy, cost effectiveness and efficiency of, the need for, and the quality of care and safety associated with the innovation in medical technology being evaluated and shall report their findings and recommendations to the State Hospital Review and Planning Council and Public Health Council. Upon completion of a demonstration project and a determination by the commissioner that the subject of the demonstration meets an identifiable need, is cost effective and efficient and meets generally accepted medical standards for safety and effectiveness, applicants participating in the demonstration, as well as other medical facilities, must apply in order to acquire, operate or provide the innovation in technology that was the subject of the demonstration pursuant to section 2802 of the Public Health Law and Part 710 of this Title.


VOLUME D (Title 10)