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Title: Section 710.4 - Additional information to be submitted

710.4 Additional information to be submitted. (a) After the issuance of the approval of the application by the commissioner, the applicant shall submit, to the Bureau of Architectural and Engineering Review, with a copy of the transmittal letter to the project management unit for information, the following:

(1) one set of design development drawings which has been reviewed and approved by the applicant's chief executive officer or equivalent person. Such drawings shall be in sufficient detail to ensure consistency with the detailed functional and operational requirements of this Title and the National Fire Protection Association's codes and standards set forth in Part 711 of this Title. The applicant shall advise the department one month in advance of its intent to file such drawings;

(2) an updated functional stack diagram which includes square footages, type of construction and estimated cost of equipment and construction for each functional area displayed and, where appropriate, the relative cost of each area as well as the total construction cost for each discrete physical structure involved; and

(3) draft contracts relating to construction costs included in the total basic cost of construction as defined in section 710.1 of this Part.

(b) In addition to those items specified in subdivision (a) of this section, the applicant must submit to the project management unit eight copies of the following information:

(1) any financial information which may have an impact on the feasibility of the project;

(2) any information that may have an impact on quality of care issues;

(3) the method and terms of any permanent financing for the project; and

(4) the updated total project costs as defined in section 710.1 of this Part in a format prescribed by the commissioner if different than previously approved by the commissioner.


VOLUME D (Title 10)