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Title: Section 711.1 - Applicability

Effective Date


Section 711.1 Applicability. (a) This Part sets forth minimum construction and physical environment standards applicable to all health facilities subject to Public Health Law Article 28, including but not limited to, general hospitals, nursing homes and ambulatory care facilities.

(b) An applicant seeking approval to construct a new health facility or alter or renovate an existing health facility shall submit to the department a completed application and functional program. The applicant shall ensure that all terms and acronyms are clearly defined and consistently used in the application and functional program. The functional program, which is a detailed architectural and design plan for the health facility, shall include a description of the following:

(1) the scope and purpose of the proposed construction project and other basic information relating to fulfillment of the applicant's objectives;

(2) the services necessary for the complete operation of the health facility, the size and function of each space, any special design features, the projected occupant load, and numbers and types of staff, patients, residents, visitors and vendors;

(3) the types and projected numbers of procedures to be performed in each treatment area and circulation patterns for staff, patients or residents, and the public;

(4) the projected demand or utilization, staffing patterns, departmental relationships, space requirements, and circulation patterns that are a function of infection control requirements and for clean and soiled materials;

(5) equipment requirements, including building service equipment and fixed and moveable equipment; and,

(6) potential future expansion that may be needed to accommodate increased demand.

(c) Once approved by the department, the functional program and the approved plans and specifications developed from it shall be used in the development, design and construction of the project and serve as the basis for all subsequent construction approvals regarding the specific project. The applicant or health facility operator shall retain and make available to the department, upon the department's request, the functional program, all government approved plans and specifications developed from it and any other design data to facilitate alterations, and program changes.


VOLUME D (Title 10)