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Title: Section 712-1.16 - Nuclear medicine departments

Effective Date


712-1.16 Nuclear medicine departments.

The nuclear medicine department, where provided, shall be equipped for furnishing nuclear medicine services. Adequate space shall be provided to meet the diagnostic, therapeutic and safety needs of the patients. Space and facilities for nuclear medicine service shall include the following:

(a) A reception area, which may be a part of an outpatient service department.

(b) Examination and treatment room or rooms, dependent on scope of service.

(c) Toilets for each sex, which may be shared with other departments.

(d) Office space, as required by workload, for related clerical work.

(e) A conference room or office shall be available for discussion and diagnostic study of patients, which may be utilized with other departments, and centrally located.

(f) Work and storage room, for the safe preparation, storage and disposal of radioactive materials.

(g) The nuclear medicine service area shall be separated from sources of interfering radiation.

(h) Equipment for the nuclear medicine service shall be adequate to conduct reliable diagnostic studies.

(i) Nuclear medicine facilities located outside of New York City shall comply with Part 16 of this Title (State Sanitary Code). Nuclear medicine facilities located in New York City shall comply with Article 175 of the New York City Health Code.


VOLUME D (Title 10)