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Title: Section 712-1.17 - Rehabilitation therapy services departments

Effective Date


712-1.17 Rehabilitation therapy services departments. When rehabilitation therapy services are provided within a hospital, adequate space and equipment to fulfill the approved scope of services shall be provided. The service area shall have level access or an elevator for both inpatients and outpatients needing such services. Space shall be provided for the following functions, which may be part of an outpatient service department: (a) a reception and waiting area;
(b) office space, as required by workload;
(c) examination rooms, as required by the number or patients served;
(d) exercise and treatment areas, which may be subdivided by cubicle curtains to permit individual treatment and training in ambulation, stair-climbing and activities of daily living and shall include a lavatory;
(e) a hydrotherapy area with cubicle curtains;
(f) toilet rooms for patient use;
(g) storage space for physical therapy supplies and equipment; and,
(h) conference space for staff meetings and staff teaching sessions which may be shared with other departments, and centrally located within the hospital.


VOLUME D (Title 10)