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Title: Section 712-1.19 - Dietary departments

Effective Date


712-1.19 Dietary departments. The dietary service shall have adequate space and equipment to effect the efficient, safe and sanitary operation of all functions assigned to it. The layout of the department and the type, size and placement of equipment shall provide for proper food preparation and distribution. The dietary department shall comply with Part 14 of this Title ( State Sanitary Code) and shall meet the following minimum requirements:

(a) At least a three-day supply of food shall be provided together with adequate refrigeration and freezer equipment. Where a walk-in refrigerator is provided it shall be conveniently located and have dual-acting hardware.
(b) Ice-making machines shall be provided.
(c) Space and facilities for the sanitary storage and disposal of waste by incineration, mechanical destruction, compaction, containerization, removal, or by a combination of these techniques shall be provided. If garbage is stored within the building, and is collected less frequently than six days a week, the garbage receptacle storage room shall be maintained at or below forty degrees Fahrenheit.
(d) Dietitian office, with adequate workspace for supervisory and clerical personnel, which may be omitted in facilities with less than one hundred beds provided adequate desk space is provided in the administrative area of the facility.
(e) Can washing facilities, where necessary. (f) Dishwashing and sanitizing facilities.


VOLUME D (Title 10)