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Title: Section 712-1.5 - Newborn nursery units

Effective Date


712-1.5 Newborn nursery units.

The newborn nursery unit, if provided, shall be separate from other units except the obstetrical suite and the maternity patient nursing unit and so located as to prevent through traffic. The newborn nursery unit shall comply with the following:

(a) No room used as a nursery shall communicate directly with any other nursery or room except an accessory room.

(b) Cubicles are prohibited, other than in facilities that were granted a waiver for cubicles prior to September 1, 1955.

(c) Pass through windows between nurseries and accessory rooms and nurseries and corridors are prohibited.

(d) There shall be a minimum of one well-infant nursery bassinet for each maternity bed, exclusive of the provisions made for the housing of premature infants.

(e) Space for one observation bassinet shall be provided for every ten well-infant bassinets or major fraction thereof.

(f) Where newborn infants are cared for in a rooming-in program, a nursery shall be provided for these infants.

(g) Each nursery unit shall include the following:

(1) An accessory room directly communicating with one or more well-infant nurseries or directly communicating with one or more observation nurseries. One accessory room may serve up to twenty-four bassinets. No accessory room shall serve both a well-infant nursery and an observation nursery.

(2) In the case of well-infant nurseries, an accessory room with space to carry out the required activities including work, examination and treatment of infants, charting, handwashing and gowning. In the case of the observation nursery, the accessory room shall provide space for work, handwashing and gowning. Storage space for supplies shall be enclosed.

(3) Each nursery and nursery accessory room shall have a lavatory with hot and cold running water that is dispensed through a mixing outlet, controlled by valves other than hand, wrist or elbow.

(4) Emergency nurses' call, which cannot be cancelled except by turning off the signal at the initiating station.

(5) Equipment or fixtures that supply oxygen.

(6) Glass panels between the nursery and accessory room and the nursery and corridor, or other methods for observation of newborn.

(h) In hospitals with twenty five or more maternity beds, a premature nursery shall be required, and shall be provided with an accessory room, as described for well infants.

(i) A janitor's closet shall be provided.

(j) A standby formula room for preparation of infant feedings and for equipment reception and washing shall be provided. The formula room, equipment and supplies, when not in use, may be designated for other clean purposes. The formula room shall not directly access the nursery or nursery accessory room, and may be located elsewhere in the hospital. The formula room shall include the following:

(1) A work counter with built-in sink having hot and cold running water for washing component parts of feeding units and other equipment used in the preparation of formulae.

(2) A lavatory in the preparation area of the formula room equipped control the flow of hot and cold water through a gooseneck-type mixing outlet by valves other than hand, wrist or elbow.

(3) A hot plate.

(4) One or more refrigerators to be used exclusively for the storage of infant feedings. The refrigerator may be located in the formula room or in an accessory room to a well-infant nursery.

(5) Facilities for terminal heat processing formula shall be provided, unless an alternate location, elsewhere in the hospital, is approved for this service.


VOLUME D (Title 10)