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Title: Section 712-1.9 - Obstetrical suites

Effective Date


712-1.9 Obstetrical suites.

Where there is an approved maternity nursing unit, the obstetrical suite shall be located to prevent through traffic, shall be completely separated from the surgical suite, shall be operated as a closed unit, and shall include:

(a) At least one delivery room for each twenty maternity beds or major fraction thereof.

(b) At least one labor room for each ten maternity beds or major fraction thereof, which shall include:

(1) a lavatory in each labor room equipped with valves other than hand, wrist or elbow control; and,

(2) a patients' toilet room adjoining each labor room or conveniently accessible.

(c) For hospitals having eight hundred or more births annually, a recovery room that includes the following:

(1) A minimum of two beds. The total number of beds shall be dependent upon the obstetrical workload.

(2) A clinical sink.

(3) Facilities for storage and preparation of medication.

(4) A lavatory equipped with valves other than hand, wrist, or elbow controls.

(d) Service areas the size of which shall depend on the obstetrical workload, which shall include:

(1) Nurses' station.

(2) Sterilizing facilities, provided with high-speed autoclave located near the delivery rooms.

(3) Facilities for storage and preparation of medication.

(4) Scrub-up facilities equipped with valves other than hand, wrist, or elbow controls, adjacent to delivery room.

(5) A soiled workroom containing a counter, clinical sink, waste receptacle and soiled linen receptacles.

(6) Separate storage for sterile and unsterile supplies, which may be in the clean workroom.

(7) An anesthesia workroom for cleaning and storage of equipment.

(8) Storage room for anesthetic agents.

(9) Nitrous oxide and oxygen facilities, with provision for storage room if such services are not piped in.

(10) A clean workroom for storage and assembly of supplies.

(11) An equipment storage room for surgical and monitoring equipment.

(12) Janitor's closets.

(13) Separate male and female clothing change areas, lockers, and toilet rooms, for use by doctors, nurses, orderlies and other personnel. These rooms shall be so arranged as to allow staff to enter off a "general" corridor and discharge into the obstetrical suite corridor.

(14) A stretcher alcove or area, not in any line of traffic, or part of a required exitway.


VOLUME D (Title 10)