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Title: Section 712-2.5 - Allogeneic bone marrow transplant units

Effective Date


712-2.5 Allogeneic bone marrow transplant units.

This section sets forth the minimum construction and physical environment standards for all allogeneic bone marrow transplant units.

(a) Bone marrow transplant patient rooms shall be located so as to have access within the hospital to out-of-unit diagnostic and treatment equipment, particularly radiation therapy equipment. Patient beds shall be located in positive pressure isolation rooms with general air filtration of eighty-five percent or more. Where such filtration is not available, patient rooms shall be positive pressure isolation rooms equipped with HEPA filtration. A countertop with scrub sink and space for high level disinfection procedures shall be available outside the entrance to each positive pressure isolation room.

(b) Each patient in a positive pressure bone marrow transplant isolation room shall have a private toilet room with a lavatory and a bathtub or shower. Such patient shall have exclusive use of the toilet room. The patient must be able to directly enter the toilet room from the patient's room without passing through the vestibule. The patient shall also have a lavatory for the patient's exclusive use. It shall be located in the patient's room or in the private toilet room.

(c) Closed unit patient rooms shall be single bedded rooms with full height partitions to prevent cross infections.

(1) All surfaces, floors, walls, ceilings, doors (if any), windows and curtains shall be scrubbable.

(2) Windows shall be provided so that each patient may be cognizant of the outdoor environment. Windowsill height shall not exceed three feet above the finished floor and shall be above grade. All windows in the unit shall be fixed sash, sealed to eliminate infiltration.

(3) Viewing panels shall be provided in doors or walls for nursing staff observation. Flame retardant curtains or other means shall be provided to cover windows and viewing panels when a patient requires visual privacy. Glazing shall be safety glass, wire glass or clear plastic to reduce hazard from accidental breakage. Glass in corridors used as fire exits or smoke partitions shall be wire glass in steel frames.

(4) A nurses' calling system shall be provided at each bed, sitting area and patient toilet room.

(5) Facilities for administration of suction, compressed air and oxygen shall be provided at each bed.

(d) Each geographically distinct unit shall provide:

(1) a nurses' office;

(2) a report room/conference room sized as required by the number of patients/staff within the unit;

(3) a doctors' consultation room of sixty square feet;

(4) a drug distribution and preparation area;

(5) space for storage of emergency equipment;

(6) a closed accessible waiting space for family members; and,

(7) an emergency call system, provided at each patient bed and toilet, to summon additional personnel from on-call rooms, consultation rooms and staff lounges.


VOLUME D (Title 10)