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Title: Section 713-1.10 - Electrical requirements

Effective Date


713-1.10 Electrical requirements.

(a) Each resident bedroom shall have at least one duplex electrical receptacle per bed and an additional receptacle on another wall. If electric beds are used, an additional receptacle is required at the head of each bed. Duplex receptacles for general use shall be installed approximately fifty feet apart in all corridors.

(b) Resident rooms shall have general lighting and night lighting; a reading light shall be provided for each resident.

(c) An emergency generator shall be provided that is capable of providing energy to operate the following: lighting for all means of egress; equipment to maintain fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems; life-support systems; water, sewage and sump pumps; refrigerators and freezers; and, minimal general lighting, and heating. In facilities with all-electric kitchens, a ratio of three duplex receptacles per nursing unit shall be provided in the kitchen for food preparation unless a prior approved emergency food preparation plan is in effect.

(d) Fire signal systems consisting of an electrically supervised fire alarm system and a detection system shall be provided as follows:

(1) The fire alarm signal shall be coded to indicate location of the station operated and shall be connected to the fire department protecting the facility or to a central station. Any alarm signal in the system shall sound a general alarm audible throughout the facility.

(2) A coded fire detection system that is connected to the fire alarm system of the facility shall be provided in boiler rooms and attached garages.

(3) Each resident sleeping room shall be protected by an automatic smoke and heat detection system that includes an approved and operational automatic smoke and heat detector in such room. A facility with one or more resident sleeping rooms that are protected by an automatic smoke detection system, but do not have an automatic heat detection system, and otherwise complies with the requirements of this subparagraph, shall not be required to add an automatic heat detector to such system in such rooms.


VOLUME D (Title 10)