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Title: Section 713-1.8 - Details and finishes

Effective Date


713-1.8 Details and finishes.

Details and finishes shall comply with the requirements set forth in section 712.-1.26 of this Title and with the following:

(a) Corridors used by residents shall be equipped with firmly secured handrails on both sides.

(b) Resident toilets and bathing facilities shall be equipped with grab bars, firmly secured to the walls and/or fixtures, for the convenient use of the residents.

(c) All floor, ceiling and wall surfaces shall be easily cleanable, and designed for the maintenance of a comfortable, sanitary environment for each resident. This shall not apply to ceilings in boiler rooms, mechanical and building equipment rooms, administration and similar spaces that are not typically occupied by residents.

(d) At least one janitor's closet shall be provided in each facility.


VOLUME D (Title 10)