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Title: Section 713-1.9 - Mechanical requirements

Effective Date


713-1.9 Mechanical requirements.

(a) Boilers shall have the capacity to supply the normal requirements of all steam and hot water systems and equipment. The number and arrangement of boilers shall be such that when one boiler breaks down or when routine maintenance requires that one boiler be temporarily taken out of service, the capacity of the remaining boilers shall be at least seventy percent of the total required capacity.

(b) The heating system shall be capable of maintaining all occupied areas at a minimum temperature of seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit.

(c) Resident bedrooms shall have operable windows that can be used for ventilation.

(d) Bathing rooms, soiled workrooms, soiled linen rooms and janitors' closets shall have mechanical exhaust ventilation or a wall or, if approved by the department, window exhaust fan with back-draft louvers.

(e) Toilet rooms and physical therapy rooms shall have mechanical exhaust or window exhaust fan with back-draft louvers or, if approved by the department, operable windows which can be used for ventilation.

(f) Kitchen areas shall have a mechanical ventilating system to maintain an equal supply and exhaust and a minimum of ten air changes per hour. Dishwashing areas shall have an exhaust system with a minimum of ten air changes per hour. If all outside air is used, a filter with at least thirty five percent efficiency shall be installed in the system. Supply air for the dishwashing area may be taken from the kitchen. All exhaust air shall be discharged directly to the outdoors.

(g) Supply air for central ventilation systems for resident care areas using outdoor air shall be equipped with filters having an efficiency of thirty five percent.

(h) Nursing homes shall include an incinerator to treat infectious wastes or other department approved methods of infectious waste disposal. Incinerators and refuse chutes shall comply with NFPA 82, Standard on Incinerators and Waste and Linen Handling Systems and Equipment, as referenced in section 711.2(a) of this Title, and shall meet the requirements for approval of the Department of Environmental Conservation.

(i) All handwashing fixtures used by medical and nursing staff and food handlers shall be trimmed with valves that can be operated without the use of hands. Hand operated faucets may be fitted on lavatories in residents' rooms and residents' toilets.

(j) Bedpan-flushing devices shall be provided on each resident floor.

(k) Vacuum breakers shall be installed on hose bibs and on all fixtures to which hoses or tubing can be attached, such as janitor's sinks and bedpan-flushing attachments.

(l) Water supply systems shall be provided to supply water at sufficient pressure to operate all fixtures and equipment.

(m) Domestic hot water systems shall provide adequate hot water at each outlet at all times. Hot water temperature at fixtures used by residents shall not exceed one hundred ten degrees Fahrenheit.

(n) Building sewers shall discharge into a community sewerage system, if available, or a department approved sewage treatment system.


VOLUME D (Title 10)