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Title: Section 713-2.1 - Applicability

Effective Date


713-2.1 Applicability.

(a) This Subpart sets forth minimum construction and physical environment standards applicable to: (1) nursing home facilities built and to portions of nursing home facilities renovated or altered pursuant to department or commissioner approval granted between August 25, 1975 and July 1, 1990; and (2) other nursing home facility construction projects that did not require department or commissioner approval and were completed between August 25, 1975 and July 1, 1990.

(b) This Subpart applies to skilled nursing facilities. Chronic disease hospitals shall comply with the requirements for general hospitals set forth in Part 712 of this Title, except that the functional requirements shall be modified as required by the department, to satisfy the specific needs of the chronic disease program.


VOLUME D (Title 10)