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Title: Section 713-2.11 - Administration and public areas

Effective Date


713-2.11 Administration and public areas.

Administration and public areas shall include and comply with the following:

(a) An entrance at grade level, sheltered from the weather and able to accommodate wheelchairs.

(b) A lobby, which shall include:

(1) storage space for wheelchairs;

(2) a reception and information counter or desk;

(3) waiting space(s);

(4) public toilet facilities;

(5) public telephone(s); and

(6) drinking fountain(s).

(c) Interview space(s) for private interviews relating to social services, credit and admissions.

(d) General or individual office(s) for business transactions, medical and financial records, and administrative and professional staff.

(e) A multi-purpose room for conferences, meetings and health education purposes including facilities for showing visual aids.

(f) Storage for office equipment and supplies.


VOLUME D (Title 10)