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Title: Section 713-2.23 - Physical environment standards for long-term ventilator programs

Effective Date


713-2.23 Physical environment standards for long-term ventilator programs.

(a) Each bedroom occupied by a resident receiving long term ventilator care shall comply applicable criteria in section 713-2.3 of this Subpart and shall provide the following:

(1) adequate space for a bedside mechanical ventilator for each bed;

(2) adequate space for wheelchair access to all functional areas of the room as well as for its storage and parking when not in use;

(3) adequate space for oxygen administration and suction equipment for each resident;

(4) a wheelchair accessible toilet room with adequate space for staff to assist residents; and,

(5) at least one duplex outlet connected to the emergency electrical service per bed.

(b) At least one isolation room shall be provided on each nursing unit where ventilator dependent residents are housed.

(c) Facilities with long term ventilator programs shall provide the following service areas:

(1) a conference room for in-service education and training of respiratory care staff;

(2) a treatment room equipped with facilities for the administration of oxygen and suction;

(3) adequate office space for staff serving ventilator dependent residents;

(4) adequate storage and maintenance space to ensure routine servicing of ventilators and related equipment;

(5) dining space that is wheelchair accessible; and

(6) adequate therapy space for respiratory rehabilitation.


VOLUME D (Title 10)