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Title: Section 713-3.23 - Elevators

Effective Date


713-3.23 Elevators.

(a) All buildings having resident facilities such as bedrooms, dining rooms, recreation areas, critical services such as diagnostic and therapy functions located on other than the main entrance floor shall have at least two electric or electrohydraulic elevators, one of which shall be of the hospital-type. Engineering studies of the facility design and location of resident service areas including an analysis of peak loads and waiting time to determine the elevator needs for handling residents, staff, the public, food, and supplies shall be submitted to the department for approval prior to the completion of design development drawings.

(1) Hospital-type elevator cars shall have inside dimensions that will accommodate a resident bed and attendants, and shall be at least five feet wide by seven feet six inches deep. The car door shall have a clear opening of not less than three feet eight inches wide.

(2) Elevators shall be equipped with an automatic leveling device of the two-way automatic maintaining type with an accuracy of one-half inch.

(3) Elevators, except freight elevators, shall be equipped with a two-way special service switch to permit cars to bypass all landing button calls and be dispatched directly to any floor.

(4) Elevator controls, alarm button and telephones shall be accessible to persons in wheelchairs.

(5) Elevator call buttons, controls and door safety stops shall be of a type that will not be activated by heat or smoke.

(b) The nursing home operator shall conduct or arrange for a third party to conduct field inspections and tests of elevators. The licensed operator of the nursing home facility shall obtain and maintain written certification that the installation meets the requirements set forth in this section and all applicable safety regulations and codes.

(c) The operation of elevators shall conform to NFPA 99, Standard for Health Care Facilities, 1999 edition, "Essential Electrical Distribution Requirements - Type II Systems". Further details concerning this referenced material are contained in section 711.2(a) of this Title.


VOLUME D (Title 10)