Title: Section 713-3.6 - Traumatic brain injury units

Effective Date


713-3.6 Traumatic brain injury units. (a) When provided, a separate head injury unit shall comply with the requirements of a general skilled nursing unit in accordance with section 713-3.4 of this Subpart, with the following variations and additional requirements:
(1) A minimum of twenty percent of the total residents in a unit shall be in single rooms.
(2) The minimum room areas exclusive of toilet rooms, closets, wardrobes, alcoves or vestibules shall provide adequate space for special needs and equipment for each resident.
(3) The resident rooms shall be provided with room furnishings and equipment required for continuing unscheduled therapeutic program activities.
(b) Therapy spaces for services such as cognitive therapy and psychological social therapy shall be provided and designed to meet the special needs of the program(s). Ancillary support facilities such as resident toilet rooms and storage facilities shall be provided in each program area.


VOLUME D (Title 10)