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Title: Section 713-4.10 - Details and finishes

Effective Date


713-4.10 Details and finishes.

(a) Doors to all rooms containing bathtubs, sitz baths, showers and toilets for resident use shall be hinged or sliding. When such rooms have only one opening, the door shall be designed to be opened without need to push against a resident who may have collapsed within the room.

(b) The minimum width of all openings to rooms needing access for beds or stretchers shall be at minimum three feet eight inches.

(c) Floors in wet areas, such as bathing/shower facilities, shall be pitched to floor drains to prevent any run-off to areas outside the room.

(d) Acoustical treatment shall be provided between corridors in resident areas, nurse's stations, dayrooms, recreation rooms, dining areas and waiting areas and resident rooms to reduce ambient noise in resident living and sleeping areas. The STC (Sound Transmission Classification) between those spaces shall not be less than fifty-one and the NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) shall not be less than sixty-five for ceilings in those spaces.


VOLUME D (Title 10)