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Title: Section 713-4.4 - Resident units

Effective Date


713-4.4 Resident units.

(a) The number of residents in a resident unit arranged in a linear layout shall not exceed forty. However, the Department will consider exceptions to this requirement to enhance the quality of life for residents when a higher number of residents clearly achieves a savings in operational costs, improves resident services and is based upon sub-groups of residents (sub-units).

(b) When sub-units are used, each sub-unit shall be arranged so as to provide access to a bathing room and a soiled workroom or soiled holding room located within, or readily accessible to, the unit.

(c) At least one-tenth of the total residents in any facility shall be located in single rooms. Each room shall have a window that can be opened without the use of tools. The windowsills shall not be higher than two feet eight inches above the finished floor to facilitate views to the exterior for residents seated in wheelchairs, and shall be above grade.

(d) Each resident shall have a wardrobe or closet with minimum clear inside dimensions of three feet by one foot ten inches deep. Drawer space may be provided as part of the wardrobe, as long as hanging space measuring two feet wide by one foot ten inches deep by five feet high, accessible to the resident, is maintained.


VOLUME D (Title 10)