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Title: Section 713-4.5 - Physical environment standards for long-term care programs for ventilator dependent residents

Effective Date


713-4.5 Physical environment standards for long-term care programs for ventilator dependent residents.

(a) Each resident room for ventilator care shall provide adequate space for a mechanical ventilator and for equipment to be used in the administration of oxygen and suction, which must be available from a central location and piped to each bed, to each resident. A facility shall have a sufficient number of single rooms to accommodate one-fifth of the facility's total capacity of ventilator dependent residents. If the facility has less than five beds certified for ventilator care, there must be at least one single room for the treatment of ventilator dependency. At least one single-bedded ventilator care room shall be designed and equipped for use as an infection control room with an additional lavatory conveniently located for staff handwashing, but not within the resident toilet room (a bathing facility may be omitted). If the facilities risk assessment indicates the facility is at high or intermediate risk for airborne infections, the infection control room shall be in compliance with the requirements for airborne infection isolation room(s) in Section 2.1-2.4.2, "Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) Room", of Part 2, "Hospitals", of Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities, 2010 edition, as described in more detail in section 711.2(b)(7) of this Title.
(b) The following service areas shall be readily available:
(1) adequate office space for staff serving ventilator dependent residents;
(2) staff unit workstation shall be of sufficient size to accommodate multiple disciplines;
(3) adequate storage and maintenance space to ensure routine servicing as required by program for ventilators and related equipment; this room shall contain provisions for hand washing;
(4) dining space that is accessible; and
(5) adequate therapy space for rehabilitation.
(c) At least one resident bathing facility shall be equipped to accommodate a stretcher-type bathing apparatus, and space for equipment and staff assistance. The entrance shall have a clear opening of at least forty-five inches (45”) to accommodate residents utilizing multiple equipment, such as ventilators and infusion pumps.


VOLUME D (Title 10)