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Title: Section 713-4.9 - Support Services

Effective Date


713-4.9 Support Services.

(a) Construction, equipment and installation of dietary facilities shall comply with the standards in Part 14 of this Title.

(b) General storage rooms shall have a total area of not less than twelve net square feet per resident and not less than ninety cubic feet in volume per resident. Storage of not-in-use institutional furniture, equipment and supplies shall generally be concentrated in one centralized area. Storage of out-of-season clothing and residents' belongings not currently in use may be decentralized in close proximity to nursing units.

(c) In addition to employees' facilities such as locker rooms, lounges, toilets or shower facilities called for in certain departments, a sufficient number of such facilities as are required to accommodate the needs of all personnel and volunteers shall be provided.


VOLUME D (Title 10)