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Title: Section 714.4 - Adult day health care program facilities after January 1, 2011

Effective Date


714.4 Adult day health care program facilities after January 1, 2011.

This section applies to adult day health care facility construction projects approved by the department of commissioner on or after January 1, 2011 and to other adult day health care construction projects completed on or after January 1, 2011.

(a) All adult day health care program facilities shall comply with Chapter 5.3, "Adult Day Health Care Facilities", of Part 5, "Other Health Care Facilities", of Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities, 2010 edition. This referenced material is further described in section 711.2(b)(7) of this Title.

(b) Adult day health care program facilities that are not located at a residential health care facility shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 16, "New Day-Care Occupancies", of NFPA101, Life Safety Code, 2000 edition. Further details concerning these referenced materials are contained in sections 711.2(a) of this Title.

(c) All adult day health care program facility sites shall include the following public, administrative and program areas:

(1) An entrance that shall be located at grade level, sheltered from the weather and accessible by wheelchairs.

(2) A lobby that shall include:

(i) a reception and information counter or desk;

(ii) a waiting area;

(iii) public toilet facilities;

(iv) one or more public telephones;

(v) a drinking fountain;

(vi) outer garment closet for registrants and the public.

(3) General or Individual office(s) for professional and administrative staff.

(4) Interview/counseling space(s) for private consultations.

(5) A multipurpose room for staff conferences, meetings and health education.

(6) General storage facilities for office supplies, equipment, educational materials and records.

(7) General or individual office(s) for program staff.

(8) A medical care and examination room for registrant health care. The medical care and examination room shall include an examination table with at least two feet six inches of clearance on at least one side and at the ends of the table and a lavatory equipped for handwashing.

(9) Employees' facilities with a sufficient number of employees' lockers and toilet facilities to accommodate the needs of all personnel and volunteers shall be provided.

(10) Soiled holding room or an enclosed space shall be provided for the holding and disposal of soiled linens.

(11) Facilities with registrant services located on other than the main entrance floor shall have electric or electrohydraulic elevators.


VOLUME D (Title 10)