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Title: Section 717.3 - Patient and service areas in hospice inpatient facilities and units

Effective Date


717.3 Patient and service areas in hospice inpatient facilities and units. (a) Patient rooms and facilities shall meet the following requirements:

(1) be at or above grade level.

(2) At least two rooms shall be designed for one bed and equipped with a private sink and toilet.

(3) Maximum room capacity shall be for two patients and their families.

(4) Minimum net room areas exclusive of toilet rooms, and space occupied by furniture, lockers or wardrobes, or used for closets, alcoves or vestibule shall be 100 square feet in single-bed rooms and 80 square feet per bed in double rooms.

(5) Each patient room shall have a window which can be opened without the use of tools.

(6) Each patient shall be provided with a separate nurse's calling device, furniture and closet space adequate for storage of clothing and personal items.

(7) Each patient in a double room shall be provided with visual privacy by use of flame retardant cubicle curtains.

(8) Each patient room shall be accessible to a conveniently located toilet room. One room containing a toilet and a sink shall serve no more than two beds.

(9) One bathtub or shower shall be provided for each 10 beds which are not otherwise served by bathing facilities within patient rooms. A minimum of one bathtub shall be provided to serve the hospice inpatient facility. Each tub or shower shall provide for privacy and sufficient space to permit assistance, if necessary.

(10) Corridors, aisles, alcoves, vestibules and door widths shall be designed to make all toilets, wardrobes, closets and furniture accessible to and usable by the physically disabled.

(b) Patient and family areas shall include a dining area, space for recreation and private interactions including pastoral care, and accommodations for family privacy after the patient's death.

(c) As a minimum, sufficient areas shall be provided for staff and administrative functions to include but not necessarily be limited to:

(1) working area for conducting business transactions, completing medical and financial records, and performing other administrative and professional staff functions;

(2) storage space for medical records and administrative supplies;

(3) staff lounge and toilet rooms;

(4) clean work area or clean holding area which contains a work counter, handwashing and storage facilities;

(5) soiled work area or soiled holding area which contains a clinical sink or equivalent flushing rim fixture, sink equipped for handwashing, work counter, and waste receptacle;

(6) pharmaceutical distribution area which contains a work counter, refrigerator, sink and locked storage for biologicals and drugs;

(7) equipment storage area, including accommodations for wheelchairs and stretchers;

(8) interview space(s) for private interviews;

(9) multi-purpose room for conferences, meetings, and health education purposes; and

(10) food service facilities designed and equipped to meet the requirements of the hospice program, including but not limited to:

(i) storage space for four days' supply of food, including cold storage;

(ii) food preparation facilities as required by the program, including space and equipment for preparing and serving;

(iii) handwashing facilities in the food preparation area;

(iv) dishwashing facilities; and

(v) waste storage and disposal equipment.

Statutory Authority

Public Health Law, Sections 2803, 4010


VOLUME D (Title 10)