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Title: Section 720.1 - General Hospital Accreditation

Effective Date


Section 720.1 General Hospital Accreditation. (a) General hospitals must comply with the operational standards set forth in Part 405 of this Title. The commissioner may accept as evidence of compliance with the minimum operational standards of Part 405 of this Title accreditation by an accreditation agency to which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has granted deeming status and which the Commissioner has determined has accrediting standards sufficient to assure the Commissioner that hospitals so accredited are in compliance with such operational standards. The Commissioner can choose to enter into collaborative agreements with such accreditation agencies so that the accreditation agency's accreditation survey can be used in lieu of a Departmental survey. A list of accreditation agencies with which the Department has a collaborative agreement will be posted on the Department's website. These provisions shall apply provided that:

(1) there are no constraints placed upon release of the accreditation agency survey report, plan of correction, interim self-evaluation report, certificate of accreditation, notice on noncompliances, or such other material which the commissioner has accepted under this section; and

(2) the hospital is at all times subject to a survey for compliance with Part 405 of this Title as deemed necessary by the commissioner.

(b) The hospital shall notify the commissioner in writing within seven days of failure to be accredited, re-accredited or the loss of accreditation by the accreditation agency with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services deeming status.


VOLUME E (Title 10)