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Title: Section 721.8 - Ancillary Personnel

Effective Date


Section 721.8 Ancillary personnel. The ancillary personnel requirements for each designated level are as follows:

(a) All designated Level I, II, III perinatal care services and RPCs shall have:

(1) an organized plan of action that includes personnel and equipment for identification and immediate resuscitation of newborns and mothers requiring cardiorespiratory assistance;

(2) personnel who are capable of determining blood type, cross-matching blood, and performing antibody testing and who are available on a 24-hour basis;

(3) infection control personnel responsible for surveillance of infections in women and neonates, as well as for the development of an appropriate environmental control program;

(4) a radiologic technician available 24 hours a day to perform imaging;

(5) at least one staff member with expertise in lactation and breastfeeding management responsible for the hospital's breastfeeding support program, as described in section 405.21(f)(3)(i) of this Title;

(6) at least one staff member with expertise in bereavement responsible for the hospital's bereavement activities, including a systematic approach to ensuring that individuals in need receive such services;

(7) at least one qualified social worker available who has experience with the socioeconomic and psychosocial problems of pregnant women, ill neonates, and their families assigned to the perinatal service. Additional qualified social workers sufficient to meet the needs of women and newborns are required when there is a high volume of medical activity or psychosocial need; and,

(8) licensed practical nurses and other licensed patient care staff with demonstrated knowledge and clinical competence in the nursing care of women, fetuses, and newborns during labor, delivery, and the postpartum and neonatal periods.

(9) The need for other support personnel shall depend on the intensity and level of sophistication of the other support services provided and shall be sufficient to meet the needs of the patients.

(b) Additional requirements for Level II, Level III perinatal care services and RPC designation:

(1) at least one occupational or physical therapist with neonatal expertise;

(2) at least one registered dietician/nutritionist who has special training in perinatal nutrition and can plan diets that meet the special needs of high-risk women and neonates;

(3) appropriate and adequate numbers of the nursing staff who are trained in breastfeeding support for mothers and infants with special needs;

(4) qualified personnel for support services, such as laboratory studies, radiologic studies, and ultrasound examinations, who are available 24 hours a day; and

(5) respiratory therapists or nurses with special training who can manage the mechanical ventilation of neonates with cardiopulmonary disease.


VOLUME E (Title 10)