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Title: Section 722.4 - Withdrawal of Designation

Effective Date


Section 722.4 Withdrawal of Designation.

(a) The Department may withdraw designation from an approved program if:

(1) It finds and documents a material failure to comply with relevant statutes, regulations, or generally accepted standards of care and services, a failure to provide the Department with accurate and timely reporting, including program data, a failure to permit appropriate Department personnel access to perform program and patient record reviews, or a failure to provide the provider agreement; and

(2) The hospital has been provided ample and reasonable

notice and an opportunity to address any deficiencies identified regarding its SAFE program but has not done so. Reasonable notice and an opportunity to respond will consist of written notice to the program by the Department and an opportunity for the hospital to respond no later than thirty days from the date on which the notice was sent to the hospital by the Department.


VOLUME E (Title 10)