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Title: Section 722.8 - Staffing

Effective Date


Section 722.8 Staffing.

(a) At a minimum, SAFE programs shall maintain the following staff:

(1) A program director who:

(i) reports directly to the emergency service director or the director of nursing;

(ii) if he or she is a clinician, also may provide clinical services to the program, provided administrative responsibilities remain his or her primary duties;

(iii) is responsible for integrating the SAFE program within the hospital's overall administrative structure;

(iv) acts as the liaison with the interdisciplinary/community task force;

(v) has relevant training and experience sufficient to perform his or her duties;

(vi) oversees recruitment, education and continuing education, preceptorships, certification and re-certification of program staff; and

(vii) participates with the interdisciplinary/community task force in development of a community outreach and education plan;

(2) A medical director or, if there is no medical director for the program, one or more hospital designees who ensure that the SAFE program is integrated within the hospital's clinical oversight and quality improvement structure;

(3) Certified Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners sufficient to meet program needs. Such individuals shall:

(i) be registered, certified, or licensed, as appropriate to practice as a nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or physician in the State of New York and perform within his or her statutory scope of practice;

(ii) have a minimum of one year, full-time clinical post-graduate experience;

(iii) have successfully completed at least a forty-hour didactic and clinical training course approved by the Department. Individuals who can demonstrate competence in some or all of the course objectives required for DOH approval may be eligible for exemption from those components of the course;

(iv) have completed a competency-based post-course preceptorship;

(v) have a signed letter from the SAFE program or other provider or institution ensuring qualified medical oversight of the Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner; and

(vi) be re-certified every three years. To qualify for recertification, individuals:

(a) shall have completed a minimum of fifteen hours of continuing education in the field of forensic science in the past three years;

(b) shall have maintained competency in providing sexual assault examinations. Based upon the examiner’s performance of sexual assault exams during the preceding year, the medical director of the SAFE program or other appropriate institution shall attest to the examiner's continuing competency. If the examiner has had more than a one year lapse in service during the three year certification period, the medical director must explain how competency was maintained or updated, i.e., by means of repeating training or by other means; and

(c) must function with qualified clinical oversight as a Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner. A signed letter from the SAFE program or other provider or institution stating that such oversight is provided will satisfy this requirement.


VOLUME E (Title 10)