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Title: Section 732-2.7 - Notice and approval required to discontinue operation

Effective Date


732-2.7 Notice and approval required to discontinue operation.

(a) No PPO shall voluntarily discontinue operation unless at least 90 days written notice of its intention to do so is sent to each participating carrier or self-insured employer, the commissioner and the chair. Such entities shall communicate this information to other affected employers.

(1) Operations shall not be discontinued until approval to do so is obtained from the commissioner.

(2) The commissioner shall grant such approval when the conditions of subdivision (b) of this section have been met.

(b) A PPO discontinuing operations for any reason, including decertification, shall, preceding discontinuance:

(1) notify the commissioner in writing and make arrangements, subject to the approval of the commissioner, to maintain, store, assure access to and make available upon request, all clinical records for a period of not less than six years after completion of treatment or, for a minor, six years after reaching the age of majority;

(2) provide a written plan, acceptable to the commissioner, for the continuation of care for each claimant; and

(3) comply with all requirements established by the commissioner in any order of decertification.


VOLUME E (Title 10)