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Title: Section 73.8 - Accreditation of asbestos safety training providers

Effective Date


73.8 Accreditation of asbestos safety training providers.

(a) Provision accreditation. The department shall grant provisional accreditation of a provider's asbestos safety training program only after a full review of the application. If a program is not granted provisional accreditation, the reasons for disapproval will be sent in writing to the program provider. Training providers will be notified in writing if a particular program has been granted provisional accreditation. The letter will identify the specific program accredited and the effective approval date of the provisional accreditation. Provisional accreditation will continue until full accreditation is granted as described in subdivision (b) of this section, or until provisional accreditation is terminated in accordance with subdivision (a) of section 73.9 of this Part.

(b) Full accreditation shall be granted after the Department of Health has observed and evaluated a provisionally accredited asbestos safety program in progress and has determined that the program meets the requirements of these regulations. A training provider will be notified in writing of a program's full accreditation status. If the program is not granted full accreditation, the reasons for disapproval will be sent in writing to the training provider.

(c) Upon receipt of accreditation, whether provisional or full, the training provider shall maintain documentation of each program offered as required by this Part.

(d) All records pertaining to the asbestos safety program shall be available to the Department of Health or the Department of Labor upon request.

(e) Programs with full accreditation shall be monitored periodically by the department to ensure continuing compliance with this Part.

(f) Provisional and/or full accreditation is not transferable upon sale or transfer of a training program; however, if an asbestos safety training provider transfers all of the asbestos safety training programs which the training provider is authorized to conduct pursuant to this Part, the provisional and/or full accreditation of such programs may be transferred, upon the prior approval of the department.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)