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Title: Section 74.3 - Plan submissions

74.3 Plan submissions. (a) All plans submitted for approval shall be in conformance with the relevant provisions of department Bulletin 40* entitled Planning the Subdivision as Part of the Total Environment--An Engineering Guide to the Preparation and Submission of Plans for Realty Subdivisions.


FOOTNOTE: * Bulletin 40 has not been filed in the office of the Department of State; however, for informational purposes it has been published as Appendix 74-A, infra.


(b) Plans other than those for community water and sewerage systems shall not propose to furnish water to more than one lot and/or to dispose of sewage from more than one lot.

(c) Where a developer proposes to obtain and furnish water supply and/or sewerage facilities for a subdivision by connection to an existing community water and/or sewerage system, the developer shall supply the commissioner with a certification in writing by the owner of the utility that such facilities will be furnished and kept available and in good operating condition for the subdivision.

(d) The commissioner at his discretion may require the developer to furnish a performance bond to the owner of such utility conditioned upon the developer's making connection to the utility within a specified period of time.

(e) The proposals for realty subdivision development shall conform with all applicable comprehensive studies, including air, water, sewerage and solid wastes.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)