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Title: Section 74.7 - Other environmental factors

74.7 Other environmental factors. Upon request the developer shall provide the commissioner or his authorized representative with a report and such plans as may be needed, covering the following environmental factors:

(a) the method of solid waste collection and disposal;

(b) the extent to which proposed land uses and structures may cause air pollution;

(c) the methods for grading to prevent changes in soil percolation capacity and to provide for adequate collection and disposal of surface and ground water;

(d) the methods to prevent contravention of surface and ground water quality standards;

(e) the effect on the subdivision of environmental pollutants or hazards either on the property or from surrounding areas, resulting from such facilities, activities or conditions as industrial or commercial structures or operations, highways, solid waste disposal sites, swamps, quarries, sink holes, limestone deposits, gravel pits, airports, water-courses, agricultural uses, flood plains and unstable soil condition; and

(f) the potential effect of the subdivision on environmental factors in surrounding areas.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)