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Title: Section 752-1.5 - Pharmaceutical provisions

Effective Date


752-1.5 Pharmaceutical provisions. The operator shall ensure that:

(a) when there is a pharmacy onsite, it is registered with the State Education Department and meets applicable sections of Part 80 of this Title:

(1) the pharmacy is under the direction and supervision of a qualified pharmacist;

(2) there is a pharmaceutical services committee which shall include, but need not be limited to, the medical director, administrator, pharmacist and, when nursing services are provided, a registered professional nurse. The committee shall:

(i) meet as necessary but at least once every six months;

(ii) establish and maintain a formulary available to all staff members authorized to prescribe medications; and

(iii) be responsible for the development, implementation and review of policies and procedures for obtaining, dispensing, controlling, storing, administering and utilizing medications and biologicals in the center, and other related pharmaceutical matters;

(b) when medications and biologicals are handled by personnel in the center in the absence of a pharmacy, there shall be consultation from a qualified pharmacist to assist in the development of policies and procedures for providing medications and biologicals;

(c) expired or deteriorated medications and biologicals are destroyed in accordance with professional standards of pharmacy practice;

(d) adverse drug reactions are reported to the practitioner responsible for the patient and documented in the medical record; and

(e) pharmaceutical services are provided in accordance with current standards of professional practice.


VOLUME E (Title 10)