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Title: Section 752-2.3 - Hospital transfer and emergency medical transport

Effective Date


752-2.3 Hospital transfer and emergency medical transport. The operator shall ensure that:

(a) utilization of protocols in combination with continuous communication with medical control shall be used to determine if the patient:

(1) requires immediate transport to another more appropriate facility;

(2) requires immediate stabilization and subsequent transport to another more appropriate facility;

(3) requires stabilization, observation and possible transfer to another facility; or

(4) may be treated and discharged within a reasonable length of time, as the patient's needs can be met by the resources of the center;

(b) the center, in consultation with medical control, the supporting hospital(s) and other appropriate emergency services providers in the network service area develops written destination and transport protocols for managing patients with medical needs beyond the service capabilities of the center; and

(c) written policies and procedures are implemented for the transfer of patients who develop, after treatment has been initiated, complications that are beyond the capabilities of the center. Such plans and procedures shall include arrangements for ambulance service and, when appropriate, the escort of the patient to the admitting facility by a clinical staff member of the center. Such plans and procedures shall also include but need not be limited to:

(1) guidelines to ensure the timely and orderly transfer of patients to more appropriate levels of care when needed;

(2) standard descriptions of patients, identifying those in need of specialized emergency care beyond the capability of the UD&TC, and the development or amendment of existing written transfer agreements with appropriate full service hospitals;

(3) ensuring that a copy of the medical record accompanies the patient upon transfer to the receiving facility; and

(4) establishing a mechanism for jointly reviewing all transfer patients by the transfer facility and the center as part of the quality assurance program specified in section 752-2.5 of this sub-part.


VOLUME E (Title 10)