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Title: Section 753.1 - Family planning services

Section 753.1 Family planning services. For purposes of this section, family planning services shall mean the planning and spacing of children by medically acceptable methods, not including the performance of abortions, to achieve pregnancy or to prevent unintended pregnancy. Nothing herein precludes approval of a family planning center to provide abortion services under Part 756 of this Title or limits the ability of a family planning center to offer information and referral services concerning abortion. When family planning services are provided, the operator shall ensure that:

(a) all medically acceptable methods for the prevention of unplanned pregnancy, screening for cervical and breast cancer, the prevention of and screening for sexually transmissible diseases and infertility diagnosis and treatment are made available at the center or by prompt referral to a health care facility or health care practitioner for service(s) not available at the center;

(b) referral is made to other providers of health services as indicated by the patient's needs and documented in the patient's medical record;

(c) information is provided regarding all medically acceptable family planning methods; and

(d) the services provided to each patient upon admission and as medically indicated thereafter shall include as a minimum:

(1) the provision of information of sufficient scope regarding all medically acceptable methods of preventing unplanned pregnancy to enable the patient to give informed consent prior to the initiation of any contraceptive method;

(2) a medical history and examination sufficient to enable the patient to make an informed selection of any appropriate family planning method;

(3) as appropriate, a physical examination including but not limited to, a screening for pregnancy, pelvic abnormality, cervical cancer, sexually transmissible diseases, hypertension, anemia, glycosuria and proteinuria; and

(4) post-examination interview, counseling and instruction regarding the specific contraceptive method of choice;

(e) services are provided in accordance with current standards of professional practice.


VOLUME E (Title 10)