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Title: Section 754.2 - Administrative requirements

Effective Date


754.2 Administrative requirements. When birthing center services are provided the operator shall ensure that:

(a) only those women for whom a prenatal and intrapartum history, physical examination and laboratory screening procedures have demonstrated the expectation of a normal, uncomplicated course of pregnancy and labor are admitted and cared for at the birth center;

(b) written policies, procedures and standard risk assessment criteria for determining low-risk pregnancies based upon generally accepted standards of practice are developed and implemented;

(c) written policies, procedures and protocols for the management of care are implemented in accordance with birth center philosophy;

(d) a physician or licensed midwife reviews the content of the informed consent form with each woman, and a copy is given to the woman before signing;

(e) there is a transfer agreement with a hospital(s) located within 20 minutes' transport time from the birth center to the transfer hospital for medical care of a woman or an infant when complications arise during the antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum or newborn period, written in accordance with section 400.9 of this Title;

(f) support services such as laboratory, radiology and family planning services not provided by the birth center are available by referral;

(g) the birth center services are available 24 hours a day for the admission of women, professional consultation and prompt response to inquiries;

(h) kitchen facilities are available to enable families to store and prepare food brought in for the laboring family; and

(i) the birth center takes action in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 405.21(c)(13) of this Title with respect to a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity for a child born out of wedlock.


VOLUME E (Title 10)