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Title: Section 754.4 - Hospital transfer procedures

754.4 Hospital transfer procedures. (a) There are written plans and procedures for the transfer of a woman or an infant to the obstetrical or pediatric services of the transfer hospital(s) when complications arise of an emergency nature. Such plans and procedures shall include arrangements for an ambulance service and, when appropriate, the escort of the patient to the admitting facility by a clinical staff member of the birth center.

(b) The operator, in collaboration with the transfer hospital(s) , shall develop a list of indicators necessitating transfer and a written procedure for automatic acceptance of such transfers by the transfer hospital.

(c) There shall be a system to ensure that a copy of the medical record accompanies the patient upon transfer to the hospital.

(d) There shall be an established mechanism for jointly reviewing all transfer cases by the transfer hospital(s) and the center as part of the quality assurance program specified in section 754.9 of this Part.


VOLUME E (Title 10)