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Title: Section 755.10 - Data requirements

Effective Date


755.10 Data requirements. (a) All facilities having freestanding ambulatory surgery services shall submit to the department, for each patient visit to the service, the following information: permanent facility identifier number assigned by the department; an identity-shielded patient record number; the patient's birthdate, sex and ZIP code; the date of the visit; the hour of the admission and discharge for the visit; operating room time used; principal diagnosis code; principal procedure code; other procedure code; primary reimbursement code; county of the patient's residence; the disposition of the patient on discharge; and physician's or dentist's license number; and method of anesthesia and such additional elements as are approved by the commissioner upon finding that they are recommended by the National Uniform Billing Committee and the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics or are necessary for permitted uses of SPARCS data under section 400.18(e) of this Title.

(b) Facilities which are using their own computer facilities to process and maintain such data, and those with contracted services for the processing of such data, shall submit such data in computer-readable format according to specifications provided by the commissioner. Resulting reports and any hospital owner magnetic media will be returned to the facility after use by the department.

(c) Facilities certified to provide freestanding ambulatory surgery services shall submit such data within 30 days of the end of each calendar quarter. Data will be submitted in the form and manner prescribed by the commissioner.

(d) Facilities which do not submit corrected data within 30 days of receipt of the department's error report concerning such data will not be reimbursed under section 86-1.41 of this Title until compliance with this section is certified by the commissioner or his designee.

(e) Requests for deniable individual or aggregate data or data reports based on data submitted pursuant to this section shall be processed pursuant to section 400.18(e) of this Title.


VOLUME E (Title 10)