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Title: Section 755.6 - Patient admission and discharge

Effective Date


755.6 Patient admission and discharge. The operator shall ensure that:

(a) patients shall be admitted only under the care of a licensed and currently registered physician or dentist, who shall be a member of the staff. The patient's condition and provisional diagnosis shall be established on admission by the patient's physician or dentist;

(b) the patient receives a history and physical examination and preoperative studies. The data and information are incorporated into the medical record prior to surgery;

(c) informed consent of the patient or, if applicable, the patient's representative, is obtained before surgery;

(d) each patient is evaluated by a physician or by an individual qualified to administer anesthesia as set forth in subdivision (c) in Section 755.4 of this Part for proper anesthesia recovery, and discharged upon the written order of a physician;

(e) verbal instructions understandable to the patient, confirmed by written instructions, are provided to each patient at discharge, and include at least the following:

(1) information about complications that may arise;

(2) telephone number(s) to be used by the patient should complications or questions arise;

(3) directions for medications prescribed, if any;

(4) date, time and location of the follow-up visit or return visit; and

(5) designated place to go for treatment in the event of emergency; and

(f) all patients who have received anesthesia are discharged in the company of a responsible adult, unless exempted by a physician.


VOLUME E (Title 10)