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Title: Section 756.3 - Patient management

756.3 Patient management. The operator shall ensure that:

(a) prior to performing the procedure, the patient receives a complete physical examination, with appropriate tests for a positive pregnancy diagnosis and sonography if there is a question of gestational age, and the results are documented in the patient's medical record;

(b) after the procedure, an evaluation of the physical and emotional status of the patient is made and documented in the patient's medical record;

(c) information and counseling about alternative methods of birth control are made available by a health care professional to all patients who want such information;

(d) referral is made to another facility for family planning services, if not available at the center, and if desired by the patient; and

(e) the determination of blood group and Rh type is made prior to the termination of pregnancy. The patient is evaluated for the risk of sensitization to Rho(D) antigen and, if the use of Rh immune globulin is indicated and the patient consents, an appropriate dosage is administered within 72 hours after the termination of pregnancy.


VOLUME E (Title 10)