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Title: Section 758.1 - Definition of services

Effective Date


758.1 Definition of services. Outpatient head injury rehabilitation services shall mean comprehensive services provided on an outpatient basis to persons with traumatic head injuries, who have residual cognitive and behavioral deficits and functional disabilities. The facility shall provide services which include goal-directed assessment, treatment and support services for the purpose of preventing or minimizing chronic disabilities, restoring the individual to the optimal level of physical, cognitive and behavioral functioning, or maintaining optimal functional abilities. These services are a necessary part of a continuum of care of rehabilitative services which are provided to persons with head injuries who no longer are in need of inpatient rehabilitative services, but who are still in need of care and services provided in an ambulatory setting. Services shall be provided in accordance with the requirements set forth in this Part and in Parts 751 and 752 of this Chapter. Outpatient services may be provided on a full day, half day or less than half day basis, depending on the needs of the individuals.


VOLUME E (Title 10)