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Title: Section 758.2 - General requirements

Effective Date


758.2 General requirements. The operator shall ensure: (a) that in addition to the requirements in section 751.5 of Part 751, policies and procedures shall include the program goals and objectives, a description of the program, the type of patients served, admission criteria used to determine the appropriateness of an applicant and discharge criteria;

(b) that services shall be provided in an environment which is consistent with the behavior and cognitive limitations of individuals with head injuries and shall be provided in accordance with current standards of professional practice;

(c) distraction-free treatment rooms shall be available for all treating services;

(d) there is ongoing inservice training, and that continuing education shall be conducted on a regular basis for all personnel caring for such patients;

(e) the development and consistent application of written admission and discharge criteria for this service which include but are not limited to:

(1) patients admitted have traumatically-acquired head injuries or have diffuse brain damage caused by such factors as anoxia, toxic poisoning, cerebral vascular accident, or encephalitis which resulted in residual cognitive and behavioral deficits and functional disabilities, and who have been considered appropriate for an outpatient head injury rehabilitation program;

(2) patients admitted have potential for functional improvement or need to minimize chronic disability or are in need of diagnostic assessment;

(3) services offered by the program must be appropriate and necessary to meet the patients' needs and level of recovery or functioning; and

(4) patients admitted must not be in need of inpatient rehabilitative care.

(f) that the facility shall participate with the commissioner or his designee in a program of patient care and services monitoring which shall include but not be limited to review of admissions, care and services provided, continued stays, and discharge planning. The facility shall furnish such records and reports at such frequency as the commissioner or his designee may require and shall make available members of the interdisciplinary patient care team for case conferences as the commissioner or his designee deems necessary.


VOLUME E (Title 10)