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Title: Section 758.3 - Management and staffing

Effective Date


.sc 758.3 758.3 Management and staffing. The operator shall ensure that: (a) an individual shall be designated as program director who has administrative responsibility for the outpatient head injury program;

(b) an individual with experience and training in the treatment of head injured individuals shall be designated as having clinical management responsibility and for ensuring appropriateness and quality and continuity of care provided by the head injury program. If this is not the medical director of the facility, the individual shall be accountable to the medical director for quality of care;

(c) assessment and treatment shall be provided by an interdisciplinary care team who have training and experience in treatment of individuals with head injuries, as needed to manage the functional, behavioral and cognitive needs of individuals served and to carry out the goals and objectives of the program;

(d) the service shall provide or make formal arrangements for vocational rehabilitation, special education, rehabilitation engineering or other services as needed;

(e) case management shall be provided which shall:

(1) ensure the coordination of treatment;

(2) provide ongoing contact with third-party payors;

(3) advocate for the patient and provide linkage to support services in the community, communicate with other agencies and insure an appropriate plan for follow-up care;

(4) serve as liaison among patient, family and staff to ensure that patient and family concerns are addressed; and

(5) include documented follow-up after discharge at three, six and twelve months to assess the patient's response to the discharge plan.

(f) education and counselling services shall be made available and offered to patients and families as needed.


VOLUME E (Title 10)