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Title: Section 76.12 - Record

76.12 Record.

(a) The record of a hearing will include:

(1) all notices, pleadings, motions, intermediate rulings;

(2) evidence presented;

(3) questions, offers of proof, objections and rulings;

(4) proposed findings and exceptions, if any; and

(5) any decision or report rendered.

(b) Hearings may be mechanically, electronically, or otherwise recorded under the supervision of the tribunal representative, and the original recording or an official transcript thereof shall be part of the record.

(c) Upon request made by any party, the department will prepare the record together with any transcript of proceedings within a reasonable time and shall furnish a copy to the requester. Except when any statute authorizes otherwise, the department is authorized to charge the cost for preparation and furnishing of such record or transcript or any part thereof.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)