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Title: Section 765-1.11 - Approval of business corporations

765-1.11 Approval of business corporations. A business corporation seeking the approval of the Public Health Council as the operator of a licensed home care services agency shall provide, in addition to meeting the other applicable requirements of this Subpart, information, documents and data as follows:

(a) a photocopy of the executed existing or proposed applicable corporate certificate which shall, in all respects, conform to the applicable provisions of the New York State Business Corporation Law and which contains corporate powers and purposes adequate to encompass the ownership and operation of a home care services agency or agencies;

(b) a statement identifying all proposed principal stockholders, the number of voting shares to be owned by each and the percentage of issued and outstanding voting stock represented by such shares; and

(c) such additional pertinent information or documents necessary for Public Health Council consideration, as requested.


VOLUME E (Title 10)