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Title: Section 766.2 - Patient service policies and procedures

Effective Date


766.2 Patient service policies and procedures. (a) The governing authority shall ensure for each health care service provided that:

(1) written policies and procedures consistent with current professional standards of practice are developed and implemented for each service and are reviewed and revised as necessary;

(2) that the delivery of each service is documented in the clinical record;

(3) to the extent possible, services are provided by the same personnel to the same patient;

(4) persons providing care in the home display proper and current identification, including name, title and current photograph of care provider and name of agency providing the service, to be returned to the agency upon termination of employment;

(5) written policies and procedures for the storage, cleaning and disinfection of medical supplies, equipment and appliances are established;

(6) professional staff evaluate the appropriateness, cleanliness and safety of equipment prescribed;

(7) any nursing or therapeutic service, procedure or treatment not previously provided in homes by the agency is first reviewed by the quality improvement committee as described in section 766.9 of this Part before being provided routinely. If the needs of a patient require such a service, procedure or treatment, it may be implemented prior to review by the quality improvement committee if:

(i) medical consultation has been obtained regarding safety and appropriateness; and

(ii) staff have been trained to provide that specific service, procedure or treatment;

(8) a discharge plan is initiated prior to agency discharge of the patient in order to assure a timely, safe and appropriate transition for the patient; and

(9) a patient is discharged by the agency after notification of the authorized practitioner, as defined in subdivision (b) of section 766.4 of this Part, and consultation with the patient and any other professional staff involved in coordinating the plan of care, no less than 48 hours prior to patient discharge.

(b) For purposes of this Part, health care services shall include nursing, advanced home health aide services, home health aide services, personal care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, nutrition services, social work, respiratory therapy, physician services and medical supplies, equipment and appliances.


VOLUME E (Title 10)